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ww2 or powermax

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Any help deciding between the 2 would be apreciated greatly! Have the wheel already but I'm looking for lower egts when towing 15k. Is there a big enough difference between the 2 to merit spend 1000 more? Have banks intercooler already.
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A larger turbo isn't going to net you lower EGTs.
How high are your egts?
Where are you having problems with egts? Cruising at 65mph or going up big hills?

What size tires?
What year truck?
Drop that WW2 for a single plane compressor wheel. See what happens to the EGTs after the install. IF you need something more jump to a Pmax with a single plane compressor wheel.

The Pmax will tend to be a bugger on the low end but the top end shines. The single plane compressor wheel helps out both the stock turbo and Pmax.
Single plane compressor wheels FTMFW.....:rockwoot:LOLLOLLOL

In all seriousness, I've had better luck with single plane wheels than dual plane wheels in the stock to stage 1/pmax size turbos. It really comes down to wheel design and the wheel options that are available out there do a really good job at out-performing the stock cast wheels.
I have a WW in my stock 05 turbo. Only difference I notice is the sound.
Ok got the ww2 in for a week now and to be honest very little difference in egts. It does sounds a bit nicer though!!
Sounding nicer taint work the hassle or the cost!!:rockon:
Sounding nicer taint work the hassle or the cost!!:rockon:

Only reason mine is still installed is because I don't feel like pulling the turbo to remove it.

But, if anyone wants to try the WW, I'll have one for sale here within a mth or so. If I ever make time to tear the truck down.
I went and picked up a powermax! Anyone wanna buy a 06 turbo w ww2 installed?
Pick up a SP billet wheel for that Pmax. Makes a huge difference!
Who makes the sp wheel?
Check with KC or WPE..
I just put a WW2 on my truck and I really like it. it made a noticeable difference in low end power. boost comes in a lot quicker.
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