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WTF, oh and thanks.

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Just thought I would tell everybody how my trip to pick up my up-pipes went. This is the WTF part ;) Well I went out started the truck and had a funny idle. Real lopy idle, so I back out and start going down the road, and I notice I have no power. Come to a light and down shift, and then coast to a stop as the light changes green, grab a gear and go to take off again lopy idle and no power. So by this time I start looking for a place to turn around. I make it another 200yds and she dies on me. I coast it into peoria market parking lot, basically right in the way of incoming customers. So eventually with the help of an OSP officer:D I get it pushed out of the way. Go in the store and get something to drink, come back out lock the truck and start walking, in the rain. Only took me an hour to get to napa, and when I finally get there I have the guy behind the desk tell me 200 BUCKS for a cps!!!:lame: All I can do at this point is laugh at myself and the situation, so I ask him if he typed in the right thing, of course he says yes and then procedes to tell me how expencive stuff is for diesels. Then I tell him the damn thing should only cost about $25. So I ask him for the same thing for a 2000 instead of 95, wouldn't you know it $31. So I buy it and start my hour walk the rain. So a little over 2 hours of walking and 10 minutes of wrench time and I was back on the road, back to the house.
This is the thanks part:ford: Thanks to sites like this I saved myself a ton of money, and a lot of worry over what the problem could be. Oh BTW do any of you forsee any problems running the 00 cps in my 95?
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You guys getting rain up there too?Sucks haveing to work on something not cause you want to but cause you have to.

I think there is a difference in what the plug wires are glazed with or something to that effect.I don't think it will hurt anything
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