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Very particular buyer here... Been lurking for a year or so and I've came close a time or two but no deal yet.

What I'm looking for, on the must list:
Either charcoal, white, or silver (in that order) exterior with gray leather interior (NO tan). No other color and no tan interior. Plus it has to be leather, no cloth. I've got a little one and leather cleans up easier.
Crew cab, short bed (SRW)
Automatic (wife will drive it sometimes)
No more than 100K miles (maybe a tad over)
No lift, got a short wife plus I'll actually use my truck. If you have a lift then please pass on by, I'm not interested no matter what. I'd prefer no leveling kit but that's not a total deal breaker.
Step bars (short wife again), I prefer the factory ones.
No aftermarket fender flares, I'm not a fan. Exterior as stock as possible.

Other than that, I'd prefer one with head studs and the EGR delete already installed but will talk depending on what's out there.
Tuned or not is okay, I'd prefer already tuned.
Coolant filter would be nice.

I will consider a 7.3 or 03-04 6.0 if it meets the above criteria but I really want the tighter turning radius of the coils up front.

I do have cash on hand. My wife is leaning towards a new one but I'd rather buy used and then buy me a newer work beater and have two good cars instead of 1 new car for the same cash. Plus I'd rather stay away from all the emissions stuff and rules from the 08's and up.

I'm located just outside Chattanooga, TN and willing to drive 4-6 hours tops.
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