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Would you buy this 6.0 ?

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Just joined, first message.

I was looking for a diesel truck. In truth, I was not looking for a powerstroke 6.0, and did not want one, because I've heard all the horror stories. In fact I was looking at a 2007 6.7 RAM, but it was too expensive. Then I just happened upon this private sale by an 80-something year old dude. 2006 F-350 dually 6.0, 4WD, 85K miles, he's original owner. Got the carfax, never been wrecked. I can see nothing wrong with this thing, by all appearances it's in good shape. No dents, no rust, underside clean, interior good, basic checks like blow-by are good. He said it's never had a problem or been in the shop.

He was asking $15K which, at least in my area, there is nothing approaching that price for this kind of truck. So to add insult to injury, I asked if he would take $11K, and I tensed up, preparing to be hit in the mouth. He said sure, why not.

Again, I've always been paranoid about these 6.0s, but you tell me, I'm no expert but it seems to be a steal at this price. Would you buy for this price?

Secondary question. How good are these Ford trucks of this year and model? I don't mean the engine - from what I understand it's garbage unless you bulletproof (again, I wanted a RAM). I mean the truck itself - the body, the build quality, wiring, suspension, etc? I do hear the transmission is good (better than Dodge's). Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help, info, advice.
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Not sure if you're still pondering or not, but do take the advice you're getting from the other folks on this thread...they ALL really know what they are talking about. I was in your position 2 years ago when I bought my 2004 and it was my first foray into diesel trucks. Yes, some people have bad things to say about 6.0L and yes, they can be finicky beasts...but everything on the market regardless of MFG or year has its pros and cons. Follow the advice you get here, do the checks they recommend and if it's as good as it seems, the truck will serve you well.
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