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I'm pulling codes
P1661:eek:utput circuit check signal low
P0603:Interal control module KAM error
P1280:icp circuit out of range low
P1668:pcm-idm diag communication
P1663:FDCS circuit fault
P1667:CID circuit fault
P0381:glow plug indicator
P0476: exhaust pressure valve fault
It will not start just cracks it's 1995 7.3 5 speed
I have changed the cps, Idm, icp, ipr, new batteries new starter new alternater new fuel filter

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What truck is it on?
What does no start just cracks mean?
The cps, Idm, icp, ipr that you changed, did you get brand new OEM parts, used? If used, you may have bought a bad used one so even though you changed it, it could be the problem. Ive even had brand new non oem parts faulty right out of the box.

Best way would be to have someone with a professional tester like a Snap on Modis or solus etc. A good diesel mechanic should be able to pinpoint it. Its allot cheaper then throwing parts at it.

Have you done anything to the truck recently that may have caused this?
Any new parts been put on?
What are the exact symptoms when it started acting up to what its doing now.
The more info you can provide, the more the knowledgeable people on hear will be able to help you out. Even if it seems like it may not be relative to the issue, jot it down just to give a better understanding.
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