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White smoke?

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Ok here is my issue last night while sitting traffic I noticed a little white smoke blowing by the truck. I leave the light and realize that it was me making it. At light throttle it was a pretty good haze of white smoke coming outta the stack. So when I get to my buddies house I checked and the coolant level was normal so it's not drinking any, which makes me want to say that it may not be a headgasket ( which I really dont want to have to do right now). Today I left for work and it seemed to not smoke as much white almost a gray at this point but was still really bugging me ( i may have just been being paranoid at this point). At lunch today it smoked just as black as ever. Then on the way home it smoked a white like it had been the previous night about halfway home then was back to just as black as could be.... When all this started I was at a little under a 1/4 tank and this is the first tank I tried running 2 stroke oil in, Could it be that the oil and fuel did'nt mix good (maybe I used the wrong kind). I just dont know whats up. It has me kinda worried. It's an 02 7.3 with a dp tuner, intake and exhaust if that helps.
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Instead of the IDE'S help you out I think You might want to take it in and pay the tech fee just to see what it is then fix it yourself.
Yeah, because techs are way more knowledgeable than IDE's :poke:
I ment it as lets all take a # and keep guess'n.Maybe if there was a vid of said smoke or what have you we might have a fight'n chance at diagnosis
I hear, just playin :poke:

wonder if he could have gotten water in the fuel
The last time I saw the "master techs" working on a powerstroke at the local dealership they had two battery chargers (one for each battery) hooked up spinning the starter CONSTANTLY (what caught my ear initially) and absolutely HOSING ether down the intake with the filter box off...

I calmly asked what was up with this one (as if I had no issue with what was happening to this poor truck) and the reply was that it apparently was just driving along fine and then just cut off for no reason...

Mentioning that I hadn't heard the engine actually attempt to fire in the past 5 minutes I've listened to you hammering on the starter, and then asked if that sounded like an issue that ether would likely solve, or if it was probably something that once actually fixed, the truck would imediately fire up like a top, just as quickly as it had shut off in the first place?

Blank Stare.....

Like, WTF, can't you see that we're Trying to get it to fire up right now?

After I gave them about 10 more minutes just for me to really get a good taste of what was going on, and nothing had gotten any better and yet I think the starter temp would have pegged my egt gauge I F'ING LOST IT!

Because that was MY F'ING TRUCK!!!

I told them to get the F#ck the hell away from my truck, and towed it home. It had been at Their body shop getting some body work done from where a temporary construction wall had been knocked into my door and conviniently upon taking the door apart to fix it, had tripped the Fuel Reset inertia switch.

After seeing that the damn fuel pump wasn't even RUNNING, I reset the damn switch, let the pump cycle and fired the truck right up.......with a battery charger because the starter motor was 100% TRASH.

Replaced the starter motor and never once let time dictate that I let the dealership work on anything I own for any reason at all.

Granted, my Dad takes his truck to one dealer that seems to always treat him right, and takes care of his truck, so there are some gems out there to be found in dealerships, but it's damn sure not the norm.

But I was done after that. These were "Diesel" techs. The combined IQ in that room was about 14 before I walked in. Then it went to 16.....


You can find some real dumbasses at the dealership. Just something to keep in mind before you want to just take something there like they can just fix it no problem everytime.

Oh, and I almost forgot....they had actually taken the lid off of my fuel filter..... HAD to have seen that the damn thing was empty...(click, should flip on the light that says....hey, I wonder if the fuel pump is running?) and then cross-threaded the sh#t out of it and didn't even tighten it back up so that once I did reset the pump it covered the engine with fuel while I was on the passenger's side F'ing with finding that little button and couldn't see a damn thing.

Ahhhhh, yeah, the dealership is where the true powerstroke diagnostic genius resides lol.
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Gdamnit screw I even said anything.

I get treated so so at the performance shop here in town.Get good deals but find little things wrong afterwards, bolts not tight, oil still leaks, 2nd icp sensor plug broken off, dipstick tube bent to Hell, just little things that I have to find and point out which I normally just fix.
No one has mentioned check for codes. I realize there will probably not be any. But there may be a soft code stored that you just missed it setting. I don't know, just a WAG.

Most shops that do inspections can read codes, and if you catch them on a slow day may even do it really cheap, (twelve pack).
I called and asked my friend who used to work at a dealership if there was anyone up there I could take it too and get them too look at it and he said the diesel tech there was'nt someone he would send a friend too. I was thinking about a video and how it would be helpful but I don't have anything to make a vid with..... sorry guys I'm trying to explain it the best I can. But I dont have a fat clue whats helpful and whats not ya know.

Today I did notice that at Idle when it was smoking like a pulling truck that the fuel pressure gauge was bouncing around from 70 being normal to 73 then to 68ish and just bouncing like that while it was smoking..... I dont know if thats anything helpful or if now I'm just looking at every little thing and hoping.
Thanks again for trying
will do
I called my buddy and he's coming over to help me make a vid.
I called my buddy and he's coming over to help me make a vid.
When my alternator went out, it was putting out enough amps to run fine until you turned on the headlights. Then the truck would start clattering and white smoke would pour out. If the truck was in park you could stand on the throttle and it would smoke out the neighborhood until it s-l-o-w-l-y climbed to 2500 RPM, then it would clear up and hit red line like flipping a switch.

May not be your problem, but you never know.
Sorry if they kinda suck I hope these help get the point across alittle better.

the first video is me coming up a hill at like 1/2 throttle or less the second one is the truck idle'n after we got back from driving it around the third one is when we realized my friend was holding it sideways for the second vid but it had stopped smoking at that point so i just bumped the go pedal a few times.
What does the smoke smell like.
I'd say you have a bad injector O ring, or nozzle. Most likely bad lower O ring though.

My buddie's truck did that, then hydrolocked :eek:
So does a bad O-ring just let air in or coolant? How did that hydrolock the engine? I'm new at this......
So does a bad O-ring just let air in or coolant? How did that hydrolock the engine? I'm new at this......
A bad O ring can either let fuel leak into cylinder, or high pressure oil into the fuel system. The heads have fuel and high pressure oil in them feeding the injectors, only thing that seperates the two is the injector O rings.

If it was the latter, the fuel in the fuel bowl, and filter would be black.

If the bottom O ring is bad, it will dump excessive fuel in the cylinder around the nozzle, melt the copper washer on the bottom of the injector, and fill the cylinder with fuel so that the piston stops before it gets to TDC (top dead center).

If this happens at idle, or before you start it, it might not hurt the engine. (didn't in my buddies case)

If it dumps enough fuel to hydrolock the cylinder going down the road, you could end up with a bent/broken rod, and/or cracked piston.

Not trying to be a doomsayer, but I would not drive it until you figure out what this is. Risk for damaging an expensive engine is just too great.

You should acquire a scanner, and do a cylinder contribution test to start, that *may* help you find the injector that is causing it, so you don't have to pull them all.

It's worth an afternoon to pull the injectors and double check though.

Does the truck miss at all?
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It still runs fine. It does'nt smoke much at all at start up but after I drive it a little bit it will sit there and smoke at idle.
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