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White smoke?

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Ok here is my issue last night while sitting traffic I noticed a little white smoke blowing by the truck. I leave the light and realize that it was me making it. At light throttle it was a pretty good haze of white smoke coming outta the stack. So when I get to my buddies house I checked and the coolant level was normal so it's not drinking any, which makes me want to say that it may not be a headgasket ( which I really dont want to have to do right now). Today I left for work and it seemed to not smoke as much white almost a gray at this point but was still really bugging me ( i may have just been being paranoid at this point). At lunch today it smoked just as black as ever. Then on the way home it smoked a white like it had been the previous night about halfway home then was back to just as black as could be.... When all this started I was at a little under a 1/4 tank and this is the first tank I tried running 2 stroke oil in, Could it be that the oil and fuel did'nt mix good (maybe I used the wrong kind). I just dont know whats up. It has me kinda worried. It's an 02 7.3 with a dp tuner, intake and exhaust if that helps.
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air in the fuel?
Whats a good way to go about checking for that?
I live in Ga it's been in the upper 80's the past couple of days, But thanks.
And if I put it in the tow tune (closest thing to stock I have) It seems like there is less while smoke then when it's in the 80hp econ tune (where I do most of my driving)
fill your tank up past half tank.Unless you did the prepump mods you might be sucking air.

I also agree with the cold temps also.
I'll go fill'er up
the only time i had that happen with the truck warmed up and 80 outside, it was bad. I had a high pressure oil line loose a oring. so the dealer told me. I lost oil pressure and the motor shut off. Oil didnt touch the dipstick. the smoke was coming from the oil running across the exauhst and burning Im assuming. took about 20 miles of 75 mph on the highway I think.
I dont think that is my issue because it still runs and drives fine and I've been keeping an eye on the oil and it still has'nt changed any

I filled it up today at lunch and have only driven like 15 miles or so since then and it's still smokin white. How long would it take for all the air to run outta the lines if it was a problem with the stuff in the tank?
Well, if you've got a cracked injector nozzle that'll white smoke out the exhaust, and then go gray at times...

What nozzles are you running? Not EDM I hope.
They are stock, Are there any other signs to look for if it was a cracked nozzle. at this point I don't really care what it is I just want to fix it.

On a side note Charles do you live in Ga and drive a red standard Cab 4x4 with the new grill and twins and all that good stuff?
Not as far as I know I just got the truck recently but I bought it from a friend and I know he never had them out.

The guy I bought my truck from pointed your's out one day when we were working and told me about it. His name Is Jeffrey white standard cab 2wd blah blah if any of that sound familiar or do I sound like a stalker at this point.....
White smoke can also mean low injection pressure.
How can I check that (sorry I'm kinda new to this Diesel stuff)
Ok today I noticed it seems like more throttle= less white smoke....When I was coming home if i was kinda low in the rpm's goin up a hill or something at 1/4 throttle it would smoke alot more than the same thing at say 1/2 throttle. I dont know if any of this will help but I just want to know what the heck is goin on here.
Thanks everyone
I called and asked my friend who used to work at a dealership if there was anyone up there I could take it too and get them too look at it and he said the diesel tech there was'nt someone he would send a friend too. I was thinking about a video and how it would be helpful but I don't have anything to make a vid with..... sorry guys I'm trying to explain it the best I can. But I dont have a fat clue whats helpful and whats not ya know.

Today I did notice that at Idle when it was smoking like a pulling truck that the fuel pressure gauge was bouncing around from 70 being normal to 73 then to 68ish and just bouncing like that while it was smoking..... I dont know if thats anything helpful or if now I'm just looking at every little thing and hoping.
Thanks again for trying
will do
I called my buddy and he's coming over to help me make a vid.
Sorry if they kinda suck I hope these help get the point across alittle better.

the first video is me coming up a hill at like 1/2 throttle or less the second one is the truck idle'n after we got back from driving it around the third one is when we realized my friend was holding it sideways for the second vid but it had stopped smoking at that point so i just bumped the go pedal a few times.
So does a bad O-ring just let air in or coolant? How did that hydrolock the engine? I'm new at this......
It still runs fine. It does'nt smoke much at all at start up but after I drive it a little bit it will sit there and smoke at idle.
I live in Dacula it's Lawrencevilleish.

What does everyone think about driving it I know Gregrob said it's probably a bad idea but I'm gonna have to get to work somehow. Would there be any sign that it's getting bad to the point of hydrolocking like the Egt's skyrocket or just a silly amount of smoke?

I noticed to seems to be getting crappy mileage on this tank so that kinda confirms the dumpage of fuel
If you don't get this figured out by next weekend I'll trailer your truck up to Swamps.

We'll figure it out one way or another.

And swapping injectors around is only a couple hours or so.

I'm always down for a trip to Swamps anyway, :D
Man thats really cool of you, but I have a friend who is a bus mechanic and most of the Gwinnett county buses are powered by the T444e so he has some experience replacing O-rings. If I can find the O-rings we are gonna start on it tom. night after work. I think I have the transportation figured out for work.
We got everything out tonight and put all the new o-rings on the injectors we just have to put it all back together tom, night.

All the copper gaskets were still there none of the o-rings seemed to be obviously trashed but one did just rip right in half when we pulled it off and they all looked like they had 255k miles worth of wear on them.

I'll let yall know how it goes when it's all done.
I'm about to head back over there I'll be sure to check the tips really good tonight I looked at them yesterday and nothing jumped out at me
We got it all put back together last night and the smoke is gone. I did check all the nozzles really good and none were cracked that I could see.

Today on my way home I noticed that the fuel pressure is still a little fluttery? I'm not sure what to think of it at this point...
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