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White smoke?

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Ok here is my issue last night while sitting traffic I noticed a little white smoke blowing by the truck. I leave the light and realize that it was me making it. At light throttle it was a pretty good haze of white smoke coming outta the stack. So when I get to my buddies house I checked and the coolant level was normal so it's not drinking any, which makes me want to say that it may not be a headgasket ( which I really dont want to have to do right now). Today I left for work and it seemed to not smoke as much white almost a gray at this point but was still really bugging me ( i may have just been being paranoid at this point). At lunch today it smoked just as black as ever. Then on the way home it smoked a white like it had been the previous night about halfway home then was back to just as black as could be.... When all this started I was at a little under a 1/4 tank and this is the first tank I tried running 2 stroke oil in, Could it be that the oil and fuel did'nt mix good (maybe I used the wrong kind). I just dont know whats up. It has me kinda worried. It's an 02 7.3 with a dp tuner, intake and exhaust if that helps.
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my uncles old 2000 was blowing white smoke once to he took it in and they put a new turbo in it and it went away so that may be it

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