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Whats the best limited slip differential?

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Whats everybody using ARB, AUBURN , TRUTRAC, . Any info would be helpful ,thanks
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I just went through this with a guy on my Golf Cart forum. Ford uses a viscous style LSD. Chevy uses the Auburn (LD), it is a Locking Differential with clogs instead of relying on plates and fluid to engage like the Ford LSD. My brother in law got a Detroit Lock, Auburn doesn't make a rear end for the Ford's from what every one has told us. He loves the DL and that is my next install before winter and after my new tires.
That's comedy!!!! :ford:
That is a good rear end the old chebby's have in them.
Just to let everyone know Auburn does make a LSD for our trucks and it is a nice unit and doesn't use clutches it uses a cone type deal and will last alot longer than a clutch type LSD.
Where can it be bought? I was told by Auburn themselves they do NOT have one for the F series.
It took me this long to find a local place that can get the unit. They are pricing it out today and letting me know.
What is the big deal ?!?!?!?!? BOTH boxes were smashed, one machined end of the Trutrac was sticking out of the hole in the box, the instructions are gone and I WON'T know if there was any real internal damage until it's installed.
I will be fine with a damaged box, I'm not fine with a damaged unit. Randys should have done a better job of boxing it up. They put one small box weighing about 40 lbs. inside another box twice it's size, then filled in around the small box with a few sheets of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap wont cushion 40 lbs. The Trutrac punched holes in every side of both boxes!!!!!
I wasn't expecting to see my new $620 Trutrac sticking out the side of the shipping box as it came off the UPS truck
I would send the thing back. If you took a picture of it coming off the UPS truck and it was damaged, you have a case. You would have been better off rejecting it though. If I paid $620 for something, I would want it PERFECT! Good Luck with everything.
Randys is going to send me all new parts. I just spoke to William in customer service and they accept responsibility for the mess. A new Trutrac, bearings and races will be here next week.
They even offered to send it overnight.
I'm happy again LOL
I will tell you what, I am glad for you that they are taking care of you. I am also impressed that they took care of everything. I would let them know you appreciate their customer service. That is a GREAT selling point if people know that they take care of problems!:rockwoot:
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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