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What's my truck doing?

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I was backing the truck out today and it killed on me. When I got out I saw dieseldripping somewhat heavily on the ground near the rear passenger side of the engine. I haven't looked at it real carefully yet, but checking briefly up top I couldn't see anything, even in the valley. On the bottom, looks like it's running down the back of the block and hitting the flywheel which is slinging it to the passenger side. I'm gonna look at it closer later.

On the truck killing, it'll be just sitting there idling then have a "miss" or die. Ran Autoeninuity and the only code that came up was when I did the cylinder contribution test- P0269 (Injector Circuit Contribution/Balance Fault). No cps codes or anything out of the ordinary other than that. It had missed on me once or twice before over the past couple of months, but it's started doing it more frequently this week.

Oil and water levels are fine, no fuel smell or feel to them.

Any ideas?

Only other known thing wrong is a leaking up-pipe, which I'm addressing next weekend.
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You Kids and your mods..... Its that $0.09 10K resistor thats causing the rough idle and dying . :poke:

you dont think the head is cracked at the back fuel port do you? Did slim drill those out and enlarge them for larger lines?
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