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Quick video on the details about the Driven Diesel Dipstick Tube Adapter.

When the factory adapter starts leaking the only proper way to fix it is to seal it from the inside. Step 1 in this process? Remove the engine... Or you can try and reseal it with gobs of RTV on the outside, and prevent the inevitable. It will still leak, then you just have more RTV to clean off before you install the Driven Diesel Adapter.

Our 7.3 on staff had no real signs of a serious leak. Then one day after it got to work there was a pronounced drip under the truck. We checked the oil and in the 30 minute drive to work it lost 1.5 GALLONS of oil. We all know how important oil is on these HEUI diesel engines so this was a big deal. Was able to install this on the truck, in the parking lot, on a particularly hot summer day. (Around 105*)

If you have any questions on this item shoot us a call! We are happy to help.

Link to product:

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