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First off want to say hi to everyone, I'm new to the powerstrokenation and powerstroke engine as a whole. Now the problem, I have a 95 model f350 with a powerstroke that just doesn't want to run anymore. It was my father's truck and its extremely clean on the inside so I don't want to get rid of it and it already has the fifth wheel to pull gooseneck trailers so its worth keeping, but it doesn't want to run. He said he thinks he got some bad diesel one day because it was running fine then after a fill up just didn't want to run at all. He has a f250 with a another powerstroke that I can use as a swap motor but I know the f250 has had a lot more abuse than the f350. My question is would it make more sense to just swap both motors for one that has lower miles and is in good shape already or would it be best to just do a rebuild on one and sell the other?
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Personally I would find out what the problem is before you just go swapping out engines. It could be something simple. How many miles is on it? Check engine light on? If you are wondering about the condition of the engine a compression test is a good place to start. Welcome anyhow. Lots of good people with a lot of knowledge on here.
check all fuses in engine compartment and cab
Give a little more info about the situation.. does it start and not stay running or not start at all? If it does run for a bit does it seem like its only running on 4 cyl?
Thanks for the ideas so far, I haven't tried it myself just going off what I was told. I will get a chance to try it out this weekend myself and get a better understanding.
Let us know so we can get her running.
Well got a lil more info today, first off the truck hasn't been touched at all in about 5yrs. He said it would crank if he sprayed starting fluid but wouldn't stay running. When he was trying to diagnose what was wrong, he took off both diesel tanks and cleaned and put fresh fuel in, had the starter rebuilt and other lil odds and ends like filters. He said it seemed like it was starving for fuel, was running good one day and then just all of a sudden just didn't want to run anymore. Its a 95 model don't know if that makes a difference or not, so now I need to know where to start from. Do I need to do anything special to it before I try to turn it over
Unless you want to blow the pistons out the bottom DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF STARTING FLUIDS!!! You really need to check for a tach signal, icp % , and make sure your hpop has oil in it. Most of all make sure the fuel pump is working and you have fuel pressure. I had a situation where everything read that it should fire right up, and a full fuel bowl. The positive terminal had broken all of a sudden and just died. Had icp, oil in the hpop fuel in the bowl, and a tach signal . So make sure you have at minimum those few things and go from there . I got a cheap Bluetooth dongle with the torque app on my phone and it will read all codes and PID's you will have to mechanically check fuel pressure. After those things are figured out let us know.
A likely cause would be something clogging the fuel lines or stuck in the selector valve.
It should have a Schrader valve on the fuel bowl. You can get away with a tire gauge for a quick check of fuel pressure. Your truck has a mechanical pump so someone will have to crank it over while you check.
Alright so finally got a chance to go check the truck out again today and here's what I found out. The #22 fuse under the hood is good, the fuel heater in the bowl appears to be fine and doesn't seem corroded. The hpop has oil in it. He has already changed cam sensor cleaned both tanks, and put new filter on. What else could possibly be stopping it from starting on its on? It will start if sprayed with starting fluid but I know that's a no no so I'm trying to fix her right. Also he said when he was cleaning out the tanks there was a lot more water in the fuel than he thought so maybe that was the problem but its been a while now so should it be okay to try to start it again?
A likely cause would be something clogging the fuel lines or stuck in the selector valve.
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