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ZF6 6.0 late 2004 build SCLB 4x4 in the floor base model
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Clusters on Ford do a lot so I'm not sure it will swap, also the trans temp is for autos, the manual clusters came with a battery guage. With all the hard work and towing I've done I've never seen the auto guage go higher than normal temp so I think a battery guage would be better lol.

I keep thinking you don't need a tranny temp guage but haven't said it because lack of experience with the manuals, only driven one with a 6.0. I would probably just put a sender in the fill/drain plug on the transmission like is done with big truck rear ends.

My truck need a ficm bad and still need a elc flush but still haven't managed to do it, life is being a real bitch on me right now.p
FICM repair is an excellent place to get your FICM rebuilt. Or get a bulletproof one. For a coolant flush, I did one and it was fairly simple to do. Only cost about $100 to get a few bottles of CAT EC-1 coolant 50/50 mix.

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When you flush your coolant system, you ALWAYS leave water in the system. You can NEVER get the system completely empty. IF you try to drain EVERY place possible, then the amount of water still in the system will dilute a 50/50 fill to a maximum of 40% coolant (ie over 1 gallon will never be removed from the system).

If you want a 50/50 mix after a flush (and I recommend that it is worth having), then you need to have the 100% coolant for the re-fill.

The best way to get to 50% after a flush is to add 3.5 gallons of concentrate (100% coolant), and then top off with distilled water.
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