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What is normal HPO pressure under load?

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What is normal HPO pressure under load?

I have been watching my HPO presure since replacing o-rings and via my EASE scanner, I am seeing high 2,400s and an occasional bump over 2,500 psi under heavy accel but not actually towing.
Now I know the scanner reads off of the ICP so it may be a little different than an actual HPO gauge.
Jody at DP-Tuner was telling be that he does necessarily increase HPO (at least on the tow and Econo 80 that I have) but smooths out the factory values in the programming. I never did ask him what the absolute values I should be seeing are.

I know we always talk about the system running at "up to" 3,000 psi but I suppose that could be the ol' hypothetical ideal situation.

What are you all seeing?


God bless,

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2400 is good for your mods, I suspect you would see it drop on a WOT run in your hottest chip setting.

I run up 3600+ right now, and just got my chip reburned for 3850, but you'll never see that on a stock HPOP
I know Jody has plenty of experience with it.

From the very little I know it's not super simple to do in the programming, but Jody has it nailed.
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