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What does this connector go to

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Off topic, but you need to get an OEM oil filter cap and start using OEM oil filters.

Also, that plastic tray (cowl) above the turbo is intended to keep wiring off of the hot turbo. You will eventually have wiring damage, if you haven't already, with that thing hanging down.
Looks like the connector for the EGR throttle actuator.
Plugs in just left of the throttle body housing and on top of the actuator.
Since there is feedback to the PCM on the throttle plate actuator, that would be a 3 wire connector.

This is what mine looks like.
Am I mistaken about the name of the connector and/or part?
How many wires in your connector?

The OP's connector does look like yours.

EDIT - looking at the link I posted, sure enough the EGR throttle plate ACTUATOR is 2 wires. It is the positioner that is 3 wires (separate connector). My apologies to you!
1 - 6 of 18 Posts