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What do you guys think? Tattoo or not?

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I have been wanting a cross tattoo on my back so I had my roommate freehand draw one with a black washable marker to see if I like it or not, I really like the way it turned out, what do you guys think?

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Big as you are I'm not gonna tell what to do about anything....PO-tater
LOL thanks man!

As for the meaning, I have been a Baptist Saved Christian scince I was 10 yrs old, so thats why I have gone with a cross, I have been wanting some sort of tattoo for a while now, but def agree that you shouldn't get one just for the sake of having one, that it should be meaninful, and something that I can live with the rest of my life. i can see how ya'll say it should be a little bigger.
I just wanted everyone's point of view on it.
Dude....get the damned tattoo already.
LOL at first I was like how does this dude know my name is Richard, then I realized that he was talking to you...LOL

I really think I am going to get it, my gf is going to be pissed...oh well
Another idea I have is to get the word DIESEL in script lettering on the back of my right arm on my tricep
Stop being such a puss..... and go get it. just call me when you come back to apex... I want to make a video of you parents reactions.....:poke:

HAHA that would be a great video! LOL
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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