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What alarm/remote start/turbo timer do you have

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I been saying I'm gonna get the clifford 550 forever and still haven't.

anything better out there?
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Crimestopper CS-2016 DP II FM Remote Start/ Alarm/ Turbo Timer. Bought it on ebay for $129 and love it. It works flawlessly. Shock sensor sensitivity is just right.
mine should be comming today..
I tried an alert system but no worky...the doorstuff did just, the start relays didn't mine is now 80% pre wired for it.

did you use diodes on the door.?
install is not for the timid....not crazy hard but you have to pay attention for sure,...and splice about 2 dozen wires., then organize it so it looks like something, other then a fire cracker in a bowl of spaghetti
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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