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Welcome to the Nation Llmills

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Welcome to the Nation Lmills

Good to see you here Lloyd:D. I need all the Cummins guys I can get over here to get my back :gun:. Seriously though, your knowledge and input will be great here.
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No new numbers yet. :D I will have some very soon though!. :D
ahhhhh yes! I feel the love. :D

Thanks guys LOL
Sapps said:
Ban him till my C5 gets here

hmmmm, maybe I should have held off on the injectors till the C5 was ready.....
Nah..needed it to run on all 6 cylinders so she could go back to work!!!! 3K miles on the F1's :redspotdance:

Just need some low heat no smoke programming to go with them :rockwoot:
3K already????? My goodness LOL. I will be calling you tomorrow.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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