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Welcome Dave Whitmer

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welcome buddy!!!

folks- if you dont know dave , he has done more research and testing in the means of fuel mileage than anyone i have ever seen. he will be a valuable asset to us that seek better mileage!!

p.s. Dave we built you your own forum!!
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Thanks for the forum but now I need to get my sig picture to work.

I'm so stuck in the early 90s.
Got a custom-burned chip from a guy who swore me to anonymity. he's done me right so I sit on the name.

Kinda a neat chip. Lots of injection advance - as much as I can get it started with in the winter. Sounds rasty but just shy of rattling off the line. Up to 2000 RPM the fuieling ramp is very shallow and easy to control. Above 2000 the fueling ramp steepens up to give me good on-ramp power. Since I have a 6 speed and numerically low gearing I can control my RPM easily.

Anybody going to the PowerFest thing in Indy? I always go because I'm local in Naptown and kinda a charter member of FOKISD.
Can't get away from me can you, Sapps?

If there are diesels, I ain't far.
Fuel economy is like any other sort of performance. You have to make trade-offs to get performance. Sled pullers and drag racers probably make poor trailer pullers, and good trailer pullers are helpless on the track. Same with MPG. You have to give to get. An extreme high-MPG vehicle would have a lot in common with a Bonneville or Texas Mile top-end racer as efficiency and low drag really, really matter if that is your goal.

I can flat guarantee that some folks are not what I’m gonna say about MPG over the coming days, but keep in mind that MPG (like other types of performance) is like a salad bar. Take what you want and leave the rest.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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