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To start it off i had a misfire on #3 injector on wendsday. And we had a track day (meet) in richmond on saturday (just my Luck). So i got ahold of Rykan at Holderdown Performance to see if we can get a set of 175's before we leave saturday morning. He got ahold of jesse Warren wendsday afternoon to see if its possible. Jesse said possible had a shipment of parts he needed to build them coming in thursday. So i drive to Holderdowns shop (3hrs away). Stay there from thursday to sunday.

Thursday comes around and parts dont come in until late and cant get them built and overnighted in time. I'm thinking this really sucks now. Jesse offers to drive the injectors down and even put them in. Rykan told him no dont worry about that. (7 hour drive for him, truck at Holderdowns shop)

Anyway Jesse insists, He leaves friday night stayed somewhere about halfway, wakes up at 2am and is at Holderdown performance shop at 6am. Rykan meets him in the shop they both installed them. Truck got started and everything ran great. Left, jesse went with us to track day in Ricmond. Made the 4 hour haul to Richmond and needless to say I was very impressed!!!

Truck has powermax and the 175/75% Warren injectors and ran a 13.7 but only on a street stock injector tune. Just got new tunes loaded and runs even better now! Very impressed with the dedication and support of the vendors.

Not to mention the stay here at the shop was an experience. I suggest Anyone who wants work done or injctors Get ahol of a Holderdown performace and Jesse Warren!

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