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want a trans or something else i got

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hi all i have a bd power trans with about 90k on it(have papers) its better then stock i forget alot about it since i havent looked at in a while. deep pan comes with that $1000 torque converter that i had to buy as well for it. still under warrenty.

also have :
a crew cab
good bed
i/c setup
gooseneck hitch that hooks to frame
brand new running boards like the kind on a 6.7
sub and amp setup power accoustic is the brand
front and rear axles both 373's front has steering stabilizer
some exhaust #### like stacks and actually a 5in turbo back as well
seats 2 are custom need to be re done( had dogs on them)2 are from a van and are mint 1 is a lariat seat with a slight tear
lund visor with out lights black in color
new michelin tires off the truck as well on eagle alloys. have the reciept for them went about 1000 mies
digital propane injection SOLD
idm (was told one was tuned but ill have to get a confirmation)
dash and trim clean carpet
some other stuff i forgot

have the engine it was rebuilt not long ago and is supposed to have injectors and a gtp38r but i think my brother wants it so idk whats gonna happen with it but i do have it

have parts from 3 different trucks the other ones i sold mostly everything locally

dont worry ill get pics so cut that thread worthless bs ha ha just trying to see if anyone is intrested before i sit for an hour and try to learn how to put them up.

let me know and make some offerrs
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How much for the I/c setup? Would you ship out?
idk never had to ship anything before i would do it though but the ic and all bolts up to the superdutys for a obs you need a e99 spider which i dont even have for my truck. curious if a international one would work though. got many box trucks at work with the 444's in them
how much for the trans and more specs on it? and id be intrested in injectors if you can get a better idea of what they are?

Also they arent power running boards right (like amp)?
OK I'll probably pass then, I figured it was everything.
Thanks for your time
the trans was like 5k new considering the trans itself torque converter and labor to do it all, effing sales tax... it has low miles so i should sell it for 3500 to 4k but honestly ill take 2500 i want it gone. takes up to much room. its essentially a beefed up 4r100. the injectors i dont know i would have to run the numbers and all. the running boards are brand new oem they are these ones:

Ford f 250 Chrome OEM Running Boards 2008 -2011 - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum
okay let me think about the trans and I would be intrested in the injectors depending on the price and specs. I could trade you mine to so that its still a whole motor.
yes correct, motor out of the superduty i have for sale is complete, you will just need to change the motor mounts they look bad and possibly the oil pan i have one for it but something dropped on the spare i got so idk if its useable.
bump >>> anyone want anything??
What kind of gauges do you have?
trans temp, boost, egt, oil press, fuel, and a tach off something else or maybe itsa speedo i forget it was a weird brand ha ha
suprised nobody wants those running boards
How's the tailgate? Pics and price?
How's the tailgate? Pics and price?
was gonna sell it with the bed it has a small amount of surface rust on the back side like when you open it and look on the bottom. easily fixable and its not to big of a spot. bed it self has some specks here and there idk about underneath i havent checked that yet but i will when i take the bed off. for the whold bed tailgate included i was shooting for about 800 but im open to all offers or ill trade it for a obs bed that matches the quality of this one which i would say is 4 out of 5 maybe 3.5 out of five depending on what the underneath is like but it is rhino lined and has a gooseneck on it with wiring for the common trailer plugs. ill post pics soon as i figure out how to ha ha
Pics of the running boards?

1995 F250 ECLB SRW 170,000 miles on new BTS Tranny, Dana 60 with spicer parts, 3.5" PMF RSK, V Code Front springs B Code Rear sitting on 35 Inch Kelly safari tsr's, 3.5" dp to 4"Duals straight piped MBRP 6inch black tips, PHP Hydra Chip, Glowshift Quad pillar gauges With Egt Tranny Pyro and fuel pressure gauges, AFE Stage 2 intake, Cb Classic radio, Rhino Lined bed, Roll up Bed Cover, Overhead visor, Rosewood Premium Stage 2s, D66 turbo, Custom overhead in cab shelves and Sun glass holders. ATS Exhaust brake that's for sale.
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