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Uplifter switches on a 03.

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Has anyone tried to hardwire this before? I tried to look at the schematic but the color code does not add up at all. I doubt this plugs right in and I can't seem to find a thread about this that tells me how to wire it up
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02 upfitter install complete - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

Can someone explain this?
I wish there were pictures

I have seen someone do the up fitters in an 04 dash, but can't locate the thread or which forum it was on. Took a lot of cutting of the 04 lower dash panel and creating a plastic piece to fit the up fitters in.

I just added switches to the driver side on mine. I do like the 05+ lower dash panel better than the 04- ones.

This is how mine turned out.


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Ya I like the look of the upfiter switches
Just too busy for me lol
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