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upgrading fuel system

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Alright im wanting to up the fuel line size coming out of the fuel tanks to either 1/2 or 5/8 now with two tanks on my OBS is there a upgrade for the tank selector switch so that it can flow more fuel or should i just go to a one tank system wich leaves me with only 16 gallons of fuel??? any suggestions thanks

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I plan on using steel tank pickup lines since I suspect copper would fatigue over time from vibration. Also going to call my local ASCO valve rep to find out if they have a 6 port 12 volt electric stainless valve that would work for the dual tank supply/return setup. This would also allow the use of an AirDog/FASS unit like some of the SD guys use.

My truck did 408 hp with a single SD electric pump (very slightly modded Bean's Fuel System) and a stock muffler the last time I dynoed it with ancient 2002 Dieselpower tunes. Pressure at WOT dropped 4 psi with Maddog 160 cc stage II injectors. Much wider torque band than the factory OBS pump. Haven't dynoed it since with the Terminator, new 4" exhaust and Jody tunes yet but it was stronger than before. My guess is the single SD pump is able to support about 420 or more hp. The truck dynoed 399.8 hp and also ran 14.508/1.99 60' with the factory mechanical pump so its not a happy dyno I'm running on. Oh, yeah this is also with using the 1.0 housing OBS turbo with 80k miles on it with stage II injectors and a Banks Power Pack.

My guess is that if you use 3/8" fittings on the Bosch -044 it doesn't do much better than the SD pump if at all. It probably gets the higher flow numbers only when using the larger AN-10/12 fittings and hose that it can accomodate. My next fuel mod is going to dual SD pumps/AN-10 or 12 fuel lines to feed the BDs I'm installing in a while.:redspotdance:
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I'm going to do the basic hutchinagusta fuel pickup mod using a 5/8" fuel pickup tube in both tanks after I finish the engine stuff. I have pulled the fuel rail plugs, brazed on cut down AN-6 straight fittings and ran AN-6 fuel lines directly into the fuel rail galleries at the rear of the heads. Also removing the ProLock rubber hoses for steel tubing/AN lines so the fuel system will be NHRA legal. Just not enough time lately to do everything at once. Just found out the BTS TC is smoked today, :( fortunately I have a dieselsite tranny filter that seems to have caught most of the gooey stuff.

Hey Nick, size isn't everything! But...............BDs next!

dirty old man dave
Called BTS this morning and he said to check the third brake light and the gas pedal. Just checked the third brake light and its not working. Come to think about it, neither has the cruise control. Seems that the PCM doesn't like it when the light isn't working and tells the TC to lock and unlock. So will be pulling off the camper shell and changing the light bulb. The best part is that when I told him I'm going to install an all out *** engine he said to send in the "never abused" 80K mile 4 year old trans for a "freshening up and new TC", just have to pay for the updated trans parts and shipping:redspotdance: Any wonder why BTS is the best?
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