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upgrading fuel system

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Alright im wanting to up the fuel line size coming out of the fuel tanks to either 1/2 or 5/8 now with two tanks on my OBS is there a upgrade for the tank selector switch so that it can flow more fuel or should i just go to a one tank system wich leaves me with only 16 gallons of fuel??? any suggestions thanks

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the bronco tank mod kinda sux. its foot print isn't as big as the stocker so it fits. use the stock skid plates/straps to hold it just use some all thread to drop them down. you loose the spare tire and your exhaust will hit it.

It doesn't fit that well.

OH and a stock SD pump will stand up to stage 1's in the right fuel config. testing on more setups is coming. But its a bigger pump than most give credit for. The problem is nobody puts a fuel pressure gauge in, so they never really know..

I have a s/d pump and I just put a gauge on it the other day I have 1's and a decent tune just not worth a shat for daily driveing. I launched with 5 psi boost and did not lose any fuel pressure even in od and locked converter it is rock steady 65 psi.. I think I will put another one on when I get oil and the sticks get opened up alittle just for insurance . I need to rethink the 10 micron racor filter tho. Might cause a problem later.

P.S. I have #6 line from the pump to a Y then to the heads .I come out the front with stock return lines into an aeromotive A1000 regulator then return thru the stock lines to the tanks.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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