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Update SCT Liveload Software

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This is the latest software to use but return your truck to stock before doing this
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I have a 06 6.0 and i was running the sct livewire ts+ and i wanted to change options on my tune and i returned it to stock and tried to program my truck i got a 110be code and its a fail to upload . well i called sct and did all there checks and everything they wanted me to and they told me my stock programing was not all there and they needed to redo the stock program and i was shocked cause i used this tuner for 5 months no issues after the new stock program they uploaded on my tuner i tried to tune my truck back to stock . well with no luck and another code 110dd and i called sct tech line back and they were looking at the strategy and now they told me my tuner will not unlock my truck and that was friday and waited for there call back but it was close to end of business for them and i did not hear anything yet but hope to monday morning cause i cant do anything with my truck and it was perfectly fine and i should not have did any updates on my tuner and just left it be cuz now until they or i figure out what happened i. Dont know what to do .i checked all fuses relays and grounds and if anybody has any information or that can and are willing to help another prowerstroke owner out id greatly appreciate it
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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