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Update.....Acceptable percent delta's on injectors, diagnosing actual issue

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Copying this from hope to get some more comments on what is going on here,

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Hey all,
Starting this thread now and will follow up later with some screen shots from forscan,

My percent delta for cylinder #8 is hovering around 5% from everything I have read so far pretty well points to a worn out injector,

The truck idles a little rough but nothing I have been concerned about it's nothing significant, running an injector buzz test they all sound the same to me but I also cannot hear the best anymore, too many years around loud engines and impacts 🤣

Cylinder contribution test faults for #8 I believe it was the max limit exceeded fault, which I have read can also be caused by the different injector in #8 and possibly from the grey cp sensor, I will verify the code tonight when getting screen shots for here.

I'm not really having any driveability issues at this time but if I have an injector going south I would like to get a new one and change before it's completely out,

I have only had this truck a month or so
I plan to pull the valve cover and verify all connections are good in there and maybe even run another buzz test to feel if #8 is buzzing

Any info, suggestions etc are welcome

Also would like to note as far as I know these are stock injectors and most likely all original 238k, will have a better idea once I pop the cover
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So today I went ahead and pulled the driver's valve cover just to look things over, I found all 4 injectors are the AD that includes #8 I thought for sure that one should be an AE, also uvch was slightly cocked got it plugged back in and secured, went ahead and re torqued the injectors also they all had 8mm head bolts instead of torques,
So I'm wondering, has this thing never been touched, I'm not certain but I thought the #8 was changed on a recall to the ae injector
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