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Up-pipe donuts

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I went to get some up pipe donuts today and looked at the schematic for the entire turbo setup. I noticed there is supposed to be a donut or some type of gasket that goes between the turbo to intake spider. I just remember there being a clamp there but is there also a donut or gasket too?
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or in the valley

Up pipe donuts for the exhaust up pipes, the best ones I have found are from Car Quest #17250.
If SBC means small block chevy, then yes. Make sure to coat any moving part or sliding part with anti seize. They work great.

Thanks Bean for the part number.
Thanks for posting the #

Charles this H2E sumbich doesn't have a solid up pipe kit yet. If youre making them, I'm buyin.

I know a few others that would buy if they were made available as well.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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