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twin turbo for 7.3

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does any one know any thing about long island diesel performances twin turbo or any body else make one or is it werth it
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oil looks to be the best drain. and any plug on the side of the block. they are main galley holes. thats what im using on mine.. look at my compound thread for some more ideas
are you talking about the plugs by the exhaust manifolds or the ones next to the intake? also would taping into the hpop or the pedestal work?
sorry i ment drilling a hole and mounting a fitting to the oil pan is the best way to drain the oil for the lp turbo.

and there are several square plugs in the side of the block that can be used to supply oil to the turbo. they are main bearing oil gallies.
alright sweet i'll see what i can come up with also there is a black plastic canister behind the passenger side battery with what looks like two vacume line on it i just moved it over for now but is there some way to bypass that or do you know what it does because its in the way of my turbo :shrug: and also is there a way to mount a fitting without removing the pan? when i build my twin turbo mustang i had the motor out and welded a fitting on it but dont really want to pull the motor or is there somewhere else i can drain to? thanks so much for your help your a life saver
you will have to pull the pan, due to the cutting of the hole and the metal shavings in the oil.. imo.

I looked for the oil gallie plugs you were talking about on the side of the block but couldnt find any? I only found a coolant plug?
i will post some pictures for you.
no im going right now. got busy yesterday sorry.
ok im uploading them now. but i guess i was wrong. the oil plugs are only on the drivers side. :( sorry man. but thats where im gonna run my supply line to my primary.

thats at the rear of the engine

thats just behind the engine mount on the driver side. sorry for lyin to ya
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what you running for turbos??
my set up is gonna be on the higher side. 71mm K-31 feeding a 80+mm s400
looking for big numbers
yeah this is my daily driver its a 2000 f350 crew cab dually 2wd 6spd and i tow my skidsteer and a ton of other stuff i just wanted to try it because i have anoth 7.3 engine i want to build for a pulling truck as well as a twin turbo cummins chevy swap id love some pictures of your projects looking for more ideas
mines a daily driver as well.

check out the compound picture thread i started. theres some good pics there
so its 70mmish right??
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