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Turns out my truck is a natural

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Hooked onto a sled lastnight. Ended up getting 4th out of 12 trucks and was only 11ft behind the winner.

I don't know what the deal was, I guess it just hooked good. Because some of the trucks I beat had a lot more power than me. That sport could get pretty damned addicting, thats for sure
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That is half the battle rockin, just look at mtomac he beats quite a few guys with more power than him at the pulls but his truck is dialed in perfectly.

Just like when I ran track I was running 10.0 in the 100 yard dash in high school but came off the line well and when the coach showed all my starts for the whole year he made mention of several instances where I beat a faster guy by the exact margin I beat him by out of the blocks.
what the hell does running track have to do with sledpullling?:shrug:

It's about hooking up, getting the power to the ground the most power doesn't always have to win if you get out of the blocks the best, it's what we call an analogy mike and sorry if this went over your head or you missed it somehow it's all good have another drink.

If you missed it rockin said there were guys with more power there just like when mtomac had run his truck and beat guys with more power down the track just like I wasn't the fastest at the track time wise just came out of the blocks faster and hooked up don't be a dickhead about it.

Now that I think about it you are experiencing the same problem with getting off the line and putting the power down to the ground now do you UNDERSTAND.
:) biggie just likes provoking the multitudes lol, I think he likes being the puppet master pulling the strings making us lash out and all that jive well mikey wins again his tactics are flawless.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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