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So I've learned a lot since getting to PSDs about 6 months back bt I'm still turbo stupid! I ran across one on C-list and wasn't sure if it'd work on my OBS and if so if it's even worth messing with price/performance wise.

Garret TO4E - $450
This is off a powerstroke 7.3 I think not sure bought it at a salvage yard with 8375 miles on it I had the motor and was going to put it in a halfton truck but turbo was to big so I took it off sold the motor and the truck and now I have this wicked turbo for a powerstroke I think. I am sure it will work on other trucks but not sure if you have a welder and the ability to build a manifold for it you can make it work. This turbo is very tight nothing loose inside. Cold side is a/r .70 the exhaust side is a/r 1.32. This will work on just about all diesel or gas engines. Would make a great addition to your diesel.

Fill me in on the above turbo and what the specs are on the stock Garrett.
Thanks ahead of time!
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