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Truck acts like it’s starving for fuel????

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Hi, I’m new here and at a dead end with my truck. I am not a mechanic by trade but prefer to do all my own work. I bought a 6.0 from a guy and have had nothing but hell with it since day 1. Any help or knowledge is greatly appreciated.
Truck is a 2003 f-350 crew cab 1 ton.
what came on the truck when I bought it:
-blue spring kit, new head gaskets, billet aluminum 10 blade wicked wheel, and a 5” muffler back exhaust.
From day one the truck seemed to be low on power but seemed like an easy fix, since then I have replaced the Hpop, new ipr, new Icp, new Icp pigtail, complete turbo rebuild, and recently a brand new fuel pump.
About a month ago I was driving down a dirt road that was quite rough and the truck tried to die on me but didn’t die completely, since then any rough bump I go over seems to act like it trips the inertia switch but never actually does or the truck just straight up dies. The truck completely died on me while I was driving through downtown Moab, Ut just cruising. I know this is a lot of information but I need a fix for it soon as it’s my only means of transportation. I’ll comment with more information.
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i just replaced the fuel pump and figured my fuel pressure was low. The new pump did not change and the highest fuel pressure I can get at the bowl is 34 psi but it consistent drops to 20-22 psi under load driving it around my neighborhood.
I also thought the tune I have on the truck might help. (Currently I have a edge evolution cts3 running the performance tune) tune or stock did not change pressure or make the problem go away.
When the truck doesn’t completely shut off I can only get up to about 1100 rpm until I either get normal power back or it dies. I’ve checked my pcm, Ficm, and Ficm wiring harness from top to bottom and now nicks or exposed wiring. All fuses and relays are good. I have an adjustable blue spring kit from XDP on its way to at least eliminate the low fuel pressure issue. I also have the receipt from ford when the previous owner got new stock injectors put in back in October. I understand this is a lot of info but this is everything I have and know of on the truck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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You might want to get a borescope and try to see if the fuel pickup tube in the tank is broken (it is plastic and breaking is common).

You should also rig up a tank of fuel and connect it with a hose to the pump suction. You might have fuel tube pieces plugging the existing suction line. see if you can get more pressure by doing that.
Have you resolved this low fuel pressure issue?

Have you verified that the pick-up tube i the tank is still in good condition?
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