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So, I'm moving and have been taking my stuff to a storage unit in the new place in loads since it's relatively close and my wife's family is in the area down there.

Today was supposed to be trip #3 but as I was pulling into the Lowe's parking lot to buy the wood to build some walls on my flatbed trailer I noticed a funny noise. At first I thought I had a chain dragging so I stopped and checked and everything was in it's place so I pulled forward slowly and heard it some more, hit the brakes and it went away.

Got home and had my wife drive slowly down our street while I rode on the trailer to pin-point the noise, and it turns out I've got a jacked up brake on the trailer. Took it to a place and won't get it back until tomorrow sometime. I was going to just fix it myself but I figured I'd be better off spending the time finishing some packing at the house.

Seems like if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any at all. Sounds like a shoe is misplaced in the drum or something, it's nasty metal on metal.

Just venting.
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