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I asked for some input in my project thread (, but I thought I may get some more traffic about the specific transmission question here.

I need to make a educated transmission selection to bolt onto my donor 95' Powerstroke motor. I intend to use the truck for fire wood operations. The truck will also need to power a hydraulics for two winches, dump bed, and knuckle boom. The transmission will need to provide PTO power to the main hydraulic pump.

The road systems ill be encountering are steep and windy. I doubt this truck will ever see freeway operation. I expect top speeds to be 55.

I have a bell housing for a 6.9L IDI in the shed. I also have a Brown Lipe 18% three speed auxiliary transmission in the shed. I think I want to run a T19 transmission for a 6.9L IDI truck in front of the Brown Lipe and the full time transfer case behind everything. I want this to work because 18% under drive will be very handy for pulling the hills and mountains to my wood cutting spots. The underdrive and Tcase low will be very handy in tight spots one frequently finds themselves in when venturing down forest roads. the Will the IDI bell housing and the T19 work behind the Powerstroke motor?

The other option I have is a F-Superduty ZF5. I have one of these in the shed as well. With the length of the ZF5 i will not be able to run my brownie box.

Any ideas?
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