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Transgo tugger HD2

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I just purchased the tugger kit from Summit Racing and got it in the mail yesterday. I was reading through the install manual, and on forums about drilling the six holes in the solenoid pack. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I ask this... When I drill the six holes in the solenoid pack, how deep do I need to go?
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You drill directly through the solenoid pack as stated. I have the trans-go in mine too. Best advice I can give you is to work on a very clean floor so that what ever is dropped can be easily found/seen and really take your time. Be really careful when removing clips/springs in the accumulator and control body becasue I wasn't ready when I did mine and it shot across the garage like a rocket. If I was to do this again I would probably do it in a cardboard box so the it cant go to far if it shoots out.The directions are pretty clear but it is nice to see what you are getting into...E4OD Transgo shift kit install - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
When BTS drills the separator plate, he puts a VERY SLIGHT champher on the feshly drilled holes on both sides to remove any burrs. Be careful not to enlarge the holes when deburring.
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