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Transfer Case Wiring

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I'm in need of some help to get my 4 wheel drive working. I own 99 powerstroke F250. The connector on the transfer case (6 wire plug) was damaged and the owner before me had put another plug pigtail on there from most likely a later year model truck. Some of the wires were disconnected due to his poor installation of the plug.

The wires on the pigtail do not match up based on the color. I found a wiring diagram for a 2002 in the Library of this forum. However the colors do not match up with the existing harness on my truck. I need a diagram of the 99 wire colors for the 6 pin connector on the transfer case.

Would anyone happen to have this information they could share? I have attached the picture i found in the 2002 wiring diagram as reference, but like I said the wire colors are different.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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C350a is the connector in question. This image is from the 2002 diagram.

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If no one else posts it up before later on tonight when I get home I will post up a pic of the wire colors/connector info for you.
That would be great, thanks!
Here is what I got. Let me know if this will work for a fella.


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Thorguy, thank you. The 99 4x4 picture looks to be what I need but its too small to make out the text. Any chance you could email it to me or post up a better pic?
Anybody else have the information with the pinout? The diagram doesnt show the pin numbers.
Still looking for some help with this. I need my 4 wheel drive.
Sorry I didn't get back to you on this. I don't have a pin out for the connector itself. The diagram I sent should have the corresponding connector number on each wire color. Sometime if you look close enough at the connector itself it will have #1 pin and the last pin number marked on it. It is hard to see though. If it does you can easily figure out what wire goes where.
Yea so your digram has the colors but the numbering is so hard to read. It even looks like some are labeled 10 and 19 which wouldnt exist. I guess i'll have to make a trip to the dealership and see if they can help. If i get the info I will post it up in hopes it can help someone else out in the future.
sent you a better pic of the numbers to see if that helps at all
I wanted to let you know that i got the 4x4 working finally with the diagram below. Big thanks to Thorguy57 for providing the diagram. The only difference between this diagram and my truck was wire #4 which calls for purple/orange stripe. On my truck it was green with an orange stripe. Everything else was correct. I'm thinking it could be due to the fact my truck is an early 99. Anyways, thanks again and its working. Diagram below if anyone needs it.

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