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Probably only those with this recurring problem will care to read this. After my swap from E4OD to ZF 5speed I had the same problem as EVERYONE cruise control no worky. Well, I had many problems but after working those out this was the last one left.

After a LOT of studying wiring diagrams, checking wires, and the tried-and-true process of elimination I decided that I had no damn clue why the cc wouldn't activate. So I just disregarded everything I'd been told and started from scratch.

I couldn't get out of my head the fact that the turd(donor truck) is an XL with NO cc. The only thing that I swapped that could have ANY effect on CC would be the PCM or it could be some sort of a wiring issue. I decided since I had no idea to just start with the easiest first. I swapped out the manual PCM and put back in my original one and took it for a test drive. After working up the courage to try it I was pleased to find out that it worked just as it should. Holy hell, it worked!!

So, all PCMs may have a cc function in them but I wasn't going to the stealer to pay for activation of the manual one. My idle is just fine and my normal running rpms didn't change a noticeable amount. I haven't found any other problems whatsoever. Redman runs just like before except only better and with a STICK. And hopefully one day I'll have a chip burned for a manual because I bet I'd throw a ton of codes right now. No CEL though.

There will be a formal write up to come but thought this may help some of you long haulers that swapped and have no cruise.
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