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i have a 2000 7.3 i have a bd valve body, ts 6 pos, intake exhaust, exct. on the way to work this morning it wouldnt stay in od, anything over 1/8th to 1/4 throttle it would drop out out of od and when i let off it slamed back in to od. i daily drive on the 100hp tune, i put ts on stock and same thing. i have not tried taking the chip out.

has trans code 3-4 shift and once transmission drops to 2ed( slowing down-making turns) transmission o/d light goes off.

checked fluid, full and clean, it was changed about 8k ago.

seems unlikely to me that its a mechanical problem clutch pack exct. i have been reading other threads but i have not found the exact same problem. could it be shift sol. temp sensor? speed sensor?

trans temp never got over 140
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