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Dear Powerstroke members,

I am a Ford lover, since I was able to drive. Owned many different Fords. I currently have a 2003 Ford Expedition 5.4L Triton. (Great Truck!) 190,000 km (Yes, Km up here in Canada) and still running great. A 2003 Ford Focus. (Saves $$ on gas) and now I just bought a 2006 F350 6.0L diesel Dually King Ranch with 68,000 KM. I have been dreaming of owning a BIG powerstroke diesel pick-up for a long time.

I picked it up this week. It is Gorgeous! Still excited, BUT reality check, first powerstroke, still learning soooo, Besides the Ford dealership, I need a knowlegable Mechanic 6.0L in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I want to upgrade and do some mods to my truck and want to avoid going to POWERSTROKEHELP.COM - The Information Source for Ford Power Stroke Diesel Owners & Mechanics and Home of EDAS® "Engine Damage Avoidance System" for Powerstroke Diesel Trucks the website that made me confortable to buy a 6.0L, they are 20 hours drive from here.

Does anyone know of a great powerstroke mechanic or garage in or around Montreal, Quebec, Canada?
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