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tire questions

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I acquired a set of weld 18's friday and need some suggestions. Right now they have a worn set of 325/60/18 toyo open country's mounted up. When turning sharp they rub and they just look too wide for my taste. I was thinking of going down to a 305 but im having troubles finding anything other than toyo proxies. I really want a nice AT tire. If i stick with 325's whats the preferred AT tire and best way to lift the front end up a couple inches?? Ive heard something about a spring pack kit from donahoe? Sorry for the stupid questions im not a wheel/tire/ suspension guy:doh:

Here's a couple pics, its been raining nonstop the last couple days so i havent cleaned the truck up:(


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My local tire shop is $10 to mount & balance a tire. Four tires is $40.
What about when you don't buy the tires from them is it still the same price.
Yep, I bought my S/Ts & had them mounted on my Dodge. When I sold the truck I kept the tires & took them back in there to put on my IDI. I asked if they could remount them for free (had to try) on my IDI because I had the recept but they said it didn't matter. It's $10 per tire mounted & balanced reguardless where you bought them.
97 f250 ec 2wd LB-TOTALED:doh:
Did I miss something, when did that happen?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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