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Truck is an '05 6.0
Awesome little wrench in the dash comes on, throttle goes crazy. Sometimes the throttle just goes limp and reverts back to idle, sometimes it idles high, sometimes it idles like it has a lope tune, sometimes it revs likes its trying to blow itself up. I can temporarily fix this by cycling the ignition.
I was also getting some crazy high boost readings while this was happening(35ish).
Using my Edge I pulled the codes and im getting P2138, P2139, and sometimes P2140. I did the basic research on line and made sure MAP sensor tube wasnt clogged then replaced the sensor, no help.
Then I replaced the throttle pedal assembly, this fixed the problem 100%, For a day. Cranked it up the next morning and same thing is happening..
This all started happening after I degreased the engine, so im sure something got wet that wasnt supposed to, but I cant figure out what it is..

What do I do next?
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