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This looks like a good place to post this question.

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Ok so this isnt a thread bragging about my times on a quarter mile but it does involve drag racing.

So just tonight I was at a stop light just sitting there minding my own business and not harassing anyone around me for once. Well this little POS honda pulls up and about a second or two later starts reving up his little fart cannon he calls an exhaust. So I was like "Ah hell are you serious?" So once it turned green we both took off and I pulled away because the jackass missed a gear and I didnt since I have an automatic. Well I just floored it once it turned green. Didnt spool up the turbo or anything because I have only had it for about a month and I have never done that before. Wasnt quite sure how.

So thats my question. How do I spool up the turbo on an automatic? I know retarded question
Input would be great so next time I can do it and really dust some balls haha
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Blew my rear at a truck pull and drove home in front wheel drive. trust me people look at you kinda funny when your in a 4 ton truck that does a front wheel drive burnout. :rockwoot:
I can see you leaving a stoplight laying some front wheel rubber LOL:tree:
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