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This looks like a good place to post this question.

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Ok so this isnt a thread bragging about my times on a quarter mile but it does involve drag racing.

So just tonight I was at a stop light just sitting there minding my own business and not harassing anyone around me for once. Well this little POS honda pulls up and about a second or two later starts reving up his little fart cannon he calls an exhaust. So I was like "Ah hell are you serious?" So once it turned green we both took off and I pulled away because the jackass missed a gear and I didnt since I have an automatic. Well I just floored it once it turned green. Didnt spool up the turbo or anything because I have only had it for about a month and I have never done that before. Wasnt quite sure how.

So thats my question. How do I spool up the turbo on an automatic? I know retarded question
Input would be great so next time I can do it and really dust some balls haha
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Just dont try to turn with it still locked in. It is very hard on u-joints in the front end. If its electric shift, just flip the switch back to 2x soon as its rolling good. I've run well over 90, doesnt seem to hurt. I'm sure it wont make the chain in the transfer case last longer, but how often are you doing it?
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