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The Official Houston Attendance Thread

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If you are attending this years event, please post if you are driving in to race, driving in to spectate, or flying in to spectate or race.

See ya there!
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24 hours of straight driving for me as well... im coming with gene, t.j. , and maddog.
Dont wanna hear any bitchin and moanin when you get here. Be ready to drink.:poke:
Is there gonna be a PSN hang out at the track?
I think so. We are gonna use my truck as a gathering spot. Look for a big tan truck with PSN decals down both sides. Dont forget your lawnchairs!

After the races, everyone will be heading to the Competition Diesel pit party.
67 here right now in Beaumont Yam. Verrrrrrrrrrrrry Nice!

Another front is supposed to back this one up this evening. Gonna be 61 tonight.
We flew down. I think we are going to space center tomorrow and the ocean maybe today. I also want to stop by DI before friday.

When you go to Nasa...make sure and swing by the Kemah Boardwalk for lunch/dinner. Very nice. right on the water.
1 - 7 of 50 Posts
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