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The Official Houston Attendance Thread

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If you are attending this years event, please post if you are driving in to race, driving in to spectate, or flying in to spectate or race.

See ya there!
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Taking my OBS. Going to see how slow it is.:D Hope it will run 15's. or 14.80 just so I can say my truck is faster than Gregg Robbers. LOL J/K man!
:poke:24 hrs. you guys are milking that one ! LOL :poke:
Dont wanna hear any bitchin and moanin when you get here. Be ready to drink.:poke:
Out of the fat into the fire.:D
Leaving sometime Thursday :gun:
I feel for you Cali. guys I just went to fort Irwin last week(took 2 2.5 ton army trucks) and diesel is higher than girafh (SP) yaya. Damn that 55 mph truck speed limit sucks donkey balls. I must say parts of Cali. are awesome.
I am already here.


Did you bring your truck?????
1 - 5 of 50 Posts
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