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Ok so I thought it was about time to post a build sheet:

Engine built by SWAMPS:
Carillo Rods
Partial Fill
Fluid Dampener (reused)
Stealth Big Oil (reused from back when big oil was big)
230/80 Injectors (reused with new nozzles - 30k miles on veggie and perfect)
Boost fooler
Stage 2Cam - Gearhead Auto
Comp 911 Springs (reused)
DI pushrods (reused)
DI headers

Ported Heads
H11 HeadStuds
Swamps 3" Intakes

Fuel System:
Dual Dahl 100s
2 Micron absolute Post Pump
Omar switching valves
HotFox fuel Pickup (Veggie Tank)
TSD Pump (Diesel Tank)
ArcticFox Inline heater
Enough fittings to build a small car with

C2 Gauges - Boost, tranny, pyro, fuel pressure
Ultralite - Oil pressure (low)
Gauge pods - 3 on pillar 2 in gauge cluster
2 Switches for tank switching
Nathan P3 Train Horns - Custom Foot Switch
Stacks w/ "tink tinks" (reused)

Front End:
Tie-rods (replaced because of idiot tow driver dispatched by insurance)

Body Work:
Coordinated repair with local shop

I can tell you that the guys at Swamps were great to work with. They did everything they could to make sure that when my family flew in the second go around that everything was ready to go. From coordinating body damage repair, buying a trailer (ended up not needing), getting tires mounted and balanced on the trailer, dealing with "jack leg" tow truck drivers, providing a ride from the airport for my family when the shop was shut down, coordinating warranty on a DoA Fuelab, and last but not least Dan/Patrick having patience with getting my fuel system (self designed) working as best as possible. Hell they even bought me lunch and let me watch the fire up of the common rail.

I think PSN is lucky to have some really great sponsors - but Swamps really went above and beyond. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Sam and (most importantly) my wife
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