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Good day everybody,

So I have a peculiar issue in which I have been unable to find a resolution via the Internet or Mitchell1.

At this point I suspect swapping out the automatic climate control unit but I wanted to check with the community to see if anyone had any suggestions and or has seen this issue before.

The climate control unit self-test finishes without any errors. Forscan doesn't see any DTCs in that module either. But for some reason I only get fully hot or fully cold airflow. I've taken apart the HVAC box and have found out that the blend door goes to fully closed for heat when I get to 31° c and if I drop one degree it swings all the way open for just cold air. it doesn't matter what temperature it is below 31°, it always is just full cold. If I increase back to 31 the door swings all the way closed for only heat. So basically there is no "stepping" in the motor to blend the air for different temperatures.

I have tried replacing the motor with a brand new one and the behavior still happens. I'm starting to think the signal from the climate control unit is the issue. Again just wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone had any insight.
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