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I want to know about compounds. I've got Corky Bell's book, but he doesn't address compounds, just twins.

Let's say for the sake of having numbers I want 60 - 80 lb max boost.
Also assume I have rods, studs, gaskets, girdle, oil, and fuel to support it, and 7.3L CAC from a SD.

Also, just to make sure we're on the same page, I think the large charger is the one with the air cleaner on it, and the small one has the outlet to the engine intake.

Would lower compression be needed?
What boost would the large charger be making?
How about back pressure on both?
Is going from 30lbs to 60lbs, or 40lbs to 80lbs as hard on the small charger as making 20 or 30lbs from atmospheric? Mainly I'm wondering about thrust bearing life.
Which turbo gets the wastegate?
What turbos would be good for 60-80lbs & why?
Any good books on turbos & compounds in particular?

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