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TE big oil

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Does the stock fuel bowl/system need to be removed and upgraded to a Regulated return:confused::ford: system or can the stock bowl/system be utilized??
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The stock bowl can be used even with a regulated return, and the Termy fits under the fuel bowl no sweat. The problem is that if you use the rest of the stock fuel lines, you may have clearance issues with the metal lines near the HPOP on the passenger's side engine valley. However, I believe a few people got it to work.

If you are upgrading the high pressure oil system, might as well do the regulated return too.
The steel line leaving the fuel bowl (facing the right fender) that goes through the valley and feeds the left head will hit the billet TE block. If you put a little bend in it the line will clear fine. I know that BWD has done several with stock fuel systems and mine had the stock system on it when I first installed the TE. It's tight, but it works just fine.
I removed that line and put a piece of rubber on since there is not significant heat at that place on the engine.

(1) 1/8 NPT straight-barbed fitting
(1) 1/8 NPT 90º barbed fitting
(1) 18" section of diesel fuel rated rubber hose
(2) hose clamps

Install the 90º fitting in the fuel bowl angled toward the firewall.
Clamp the rubber hose to the fitting and route behind fuel bowl.
Install the straight fitting in the head.
Pull rubber hose over to fitting and mark it leaving enough slack for a natural bend in the hose.
Cut hose and clamp to straight fitting in the head.
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Also, you will need to remove the metal line that goes to the fuel bowl drain. A piece of rubber hose there will work too, just route it down in front of the engine to drain.

I dont even have one there as I never drain my fuel bowl and plan on getting rid of it.
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