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TC Lock Up w/LED indicator instructions.

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Here are the TC lock up instructions from DI's site.

There is another version with red and green LED's for commanded lockup and manual lockup.

I'll link to that one as well, let me find it.
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Sorry if Im asking a dumb question and the gains or purpose out of this ? where are pictures, would this be better for the trans ?
Being a person that marches to a different drum beat, I used a regular pilot light instead of an LED. Also, since I did the BTS thing over 4K before even my factory warranty was up I never have had a temp or braking issue towing on the downhills and am not a dragstip kind of a guy so for me the manual tranny L/O was not IMHO needed. I tapped into the factory wire for ckt 480 bundle about 4 inches from where my ISSPRO tranny temp sensor is located in the NPT test port on the drivers side of the trans. I then ran the wire into the tranny temp sensor wire loom I installed and ran it into the inside of the vehicle along the parking brake cable access. This wire then goes into a small plastic box located in the area under the drivers side steering wheel area thru a .063A fuze - smallest I could find so far - and then used it to provide a ground for a Radio shack reed relay (#275-233) both of which are packaged in this plastic box. The output of this relay then goes to a switch with resistors to provide a bright and dim voltage to the pilot light located in the A-pillar pod which houses my tranny temp guage. I was concerned with protecting that circuit since it is an input/output of the PCM and wanted to protect the PCM from any overload or shorting problems with my backyard wiring. Overkill probably, but that's just me :redspotdance: I mounted my indicator light in the A-pillar gauge pod HERE . That turn signal thingee has saved me from driving downing the freeway blinking away many a time.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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