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I had purchased the dual pump/ dual stage water injection kit from Swamps that they had put together with Coolingmist last year, and Dave wanted me to give my feedback on the forums of what i thought of the kit. Here is the kit i purchased

I installed the two pumps and 7 gallon tank in the flush-mount tool box in the bed of the truck. I made a little bracket off the AC stuff to mount the Solenoids, then ran the first stage into the intake Y right after the boot, with a CM10 (12.8gpm/ 800cc/m) injector, the second stage is split into two CM 7 nozzles (10gpm) that go into each head. The controller is NEAT, it reads the boost pressure and it's very accurate, its constantly changing every freakin nanosecond with small fluctuations in boost. It has a failsafe that learns with use, it won't turn the system on at all when something isnt right.

When unloaded i set the controller to come on around 15psi, the first stage will progressively increase in pump duty cycle (flow) and at 30psi it's at full speed, in which the second pump kicks on at full speed. With no water, on a 0-100 run i could get EGT's approaching 1600* at the end. With the water on, it moves alot slower and reaches about 1350* at the end of the run.

However the most impressive thing about this kit is the EGT reduction while towing. I hadnt towed much since i had the kit running, but since my 6.0 work truck is down for head gaskets, i hooked up to a pretty heavy load (about 20,000 behind me) yesterday and i was very surprised at how well the kit kept the egt's down. I also contribute my ported heads, tuning and stage one cam and turbo blanket to helping keep the EGT's managable, however with the water kit turned on, there is no need to ever drive around the EGT gauge. I set the MIN point to come on around 5psi, and the egt's would usually stay between 800-1000* under moderate to heavy throttle with this load on. I laid into the throttle once just to see if i could really push the temperatures, and i ran up on traffic nearing 70mph in a 55 up a steep grade just reaching 1100*. I dont forsee myself towing any more weight than this, as it's all the truck really wants, however i had WAY more than enough power to get me up any hill, i dont think i really went over 1/2-3/4 throttle.

The only drawback to the kit is that it moves a TON of water, the 40-50 mile round trip all but used the entire 7 gallon tank of water. I'm looking at finding a tank that will fit in my box still but give me 20-30 gallons of capacity.

If you have EGT issues and want a badass kit that's still pretty afforable, this is worth looking at. There are tons of expensive parts in the kit, i dont see how they make money off this..

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